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The decisions about your body, health and life belong to you

They are your rights, assert them

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The campaign in Parliament and offices of the Executive Branch

23 October 2009. Aborto

Sexual and reproductive rights were missing in the election debate that will end with next Sunday’s election. In order to denounce this omission, the campaign “Assert your sexual and reproductive rights” carried out a public demonstration addressing the political class.

The activity started outside Parliament, went by the offices of the Executive and ended at Plaza Libertad, iconic site for Human Rights claims in Uruguay.

The demonstration consisted of 20 body painted women with messages about sexual and reproductive rights.

Parliament and the Executive branch will receive our visit

14 October 2009.

Just 10 days before the national election the electorate still doesn’t know the position of parties and candidates on key issues. On of these issues is the sexual and reproductive rights agenda.

Electorate demands clear positions on the issue of abortion

31 August 2009. Aborto

A survey carried out by the consulting firm FACTUM found that the absolute majority of the electorate thinks abortion should be one of the key issues of the election campaign. Voters also demand clear positions from candidates and no interference of the Church in these matters.

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September 28, 2009, Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean

6 de octubre de 2009.

This September 28, 2009, Day for the Decriminalization of Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean, the practice of illegal and underground abortion in Uruguay remains a reality. Every 20 minutes a woman is faced with the risks imposed on her life and health by the black market in order to obtain the means that will allow her to interrupt a pregnancy.

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Abortion »

"A key issue in the election campaign"

Contraception »

"The right to scientific and reliable information"

Domestic and sexual violence »

"The right to live a life free of violence is missing from the lives of most women"


"Let’s all assume the share of responsibility that is due to us"

Pregnancy and Childbirth »

"To bring a new being into the world, a free decision"

Sexual Diversity »

"We owe it to ourselves to bring about a cultural change that values our differences"


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hacelosvaler.org is the official site of the campaign for Sexual and reproductive rights carried out in Uruguay in the context of the 2009 election process.

"The decisions about your body, health and life belong to you. They are your rights, assert them"

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